You Can’t Relocate My Kids Out of State … Can You?

Ohio Father and Mother are divorced.

Mother has primary custody or timesharing with their three children.

Father sees the children every other weekend and once during most weeks, plus vacations and holidays. He talks and text messages with the kids daily.

Mother has remarried.

Mother’s new husband is being transferred roughly eighteen hundred miles away.

Mother intends to relocate the children with herself and her new husband.

Father objects.

Ohio attorneys suggest filing a motion to modify timesharing so that the children live primarily with Father, in Ohio.

It sounds as though Ohio courts are relatively liberal in permitting relocation, but the other parent can object under the right facts and circumstances.

The law governing relocation is an evolving area of the law in our mobile society and a volatile one.

Florida introduced its first statute governing relocation in 2006 and has already amended it significantly.

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