Army Colonel Cheats on Paternity Test to Avoid Court-Ordered Support, Is Convicted for His Fraud, Then Tries to Reduce His Payments Due to The Reduction of His Income Because of His Convictions

Army colonel did not want to pay court-ordered child support beyond his small voluntary payments. How badly did he not want to pay additional child support?

Badly enough to allegedly engage in fraud in the paternity testing process, specifically, having someone else take the paternity test for him. For which he was recently convicted of “attempted theft by deception, solicitation to tampering with public records, solicitation to fabrication of evidence and being an accessory to obstruction of the administration of law”.

Apparently undeterred, the military man now seeks a reduction in his increased court-ordered support payments, because his income has been halved since he retired from active duty as a result of his convictions.

The applicable child support enforcement agency has indicated its intention to oppose any reduction in the officer’s child support.

A Colonel. In the US armed forces.

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