Attorney Husband Allegedly Murders Pediatrician Wife

New York Husband and Wife are in the middle of a divorce initiated by Husband.

Both still live in the marital residence, a mansion set in a high end area in Scarsdale.

The first hearing in their divorce case is a few days away.

Husband is represented by a top local law firm. Wife has no attorney.

One might imagine that Husband is pleased that his divorce case is moving along.

But that would probably be wrong.

Instead, on a weekday morning, Husband allegedly stabs Wife to death in her shower.

Then calls the police.

Husband has been charged with murder.

During his booking, Husband stuffs cotton into both of his ears.

Wife is reportedly very well-liked.

Wife was a pediatrician at a nearby hospital.

Husband is a CPA and tax attorney.

Murder and domestic violence are not restricted to any particular socioeconomic demographic of the population.

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