Believe It or Not, Trying to Save Your Marriage Can Be Surprisingly Expensive

I generally steer clear of celebrity divorces, but …

Whether it’s really true or not, it’s almost a cliche that divorce can be expensive.

So what’s the less expensive alternative? Could it be …

Marriage counseling? You might want to rethink that.

Husband and Wife go into marriage counseling in an effort to save their marriage.

Somewhere along the way there appears to be a dispute between Husband and Wife and their Marriage Counselor.

Marriage Counselor claims they owe her more than $10,000.

And a civil court sides with Marriage Counselor, ordering Wife to pay up.

Wife is appealing the trial court’s ruling.

The worst of it is that all that therapy didn’t save Husband and Wife’s marriage.

They went on to divorce. Ultimately, $10,000 poorer.

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