Beware Cyberstalking … From Your Ex

Woman meets group of friends at local Chinese restaurant.

She arranged everything by e-mail from home.

She specifically chose that desination because she knew she wouldn’t encounter her ex-husband there, because he disliked Chinese food.

The woman’s ex had a history of controlling and abusive behaviors.

When she arrived, she was shocked to see him there.

How did he know?

How do an increasing number of former, controlling and abusive intimate partners in general keep tabs on their ex’s, and continue haunting their steps and their lives?

Unfortunately, computer spyware renders one’s personal computer “an open book”. Every keystroke is visible. All stored information accessible.

It is important for victims and potential victims of stalking and cyberstalking to be aware of this.

And, for sensitive matters, to only use computers that their abuser does not have access to. And to have their home computer “cleaned” after the abuser’s access is cut off.

Cyberstalking is a crime in Florida and many other states.

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