Boy Allegedly Abducted Twenty Years Ago Found Living His Life Close to His Alleged Abductors

Five year old Indiana Boy is reportedly abducted. In 1994.

Allegedly by his grandparents (Grandparents). Who were charged (but never apprehended and prosecuted) with custodial interference. Those charges have since been dropped.

At the time of Boy’s disappearance, there was reportedly a pending family court case over Boy’s custody. Because Boy’s Mother and Stepfather were unemployed – and allegedly the family was living in their car.

Except for Boy, who reportedly actually resided with Grandparents – from his birth.

Now twenty-four year old Boy is discovered in Minnesota.

Happily married. Expecting a child of his own.

Living on the same property as Grandparents. Defending Grandparents.

Using his true birthdate and the same social security number assigned to him before he went missing. But using a slightly altered name.

Adding to the strangeness of the recent discovery of Boy’s whereabouts after all these years is that Mother and Stepfather reportedly just provided authorities with Boy’s social security number and card.

When confronted, Grandparents confessed their true identities and Boy’s identity. They now face the threat of criminal prosecution.

Mother is reportedly extremely happy that Boy has been found.

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