Broken Nail Fingers Girlfriend in Boyfriend’s Murder

Queens, New York Girlfriend reportedly confronts Boyfriend over his alleged affair.

Girlfriend allegedly shoots Boyfriend … two times. Boyfriend dies.

Girlfriend and her Son move Boyfriend’s body, with great difficulty, to an alley next to Girlfriend’s apartment building.

In the process, some of Boyfriend’s blood stains the rear bumper of Girlfriend’s car, and Girlfriend apparently dislodges an artificial fingernail … which lands on Boyfriend’s body.

Unable to move Boyfriend’s body any further, Girlfriend starts a fire to dispose of the evidence against her and her Son.

When police arrive on the scene, in due course, they note that Girlfriend is missing a fingernail … and that there is a broken artificial fingernail on Boyfriend’s body.

Police challenge Girlfriend on that point.

Girlfriend spontaneously confesses to killing Boyfriend.

Girlfriend is arrested for murder and Son for tampering with evidence.

At their arraignment, Girlfriend’s defense counsel argues that Girlfriend is a victim of domestic violence. Another woman filed several domestic violence complaints against Boyfriend several years ago.

Girlfriend is still denied bond, but Son is granted bonded of $5,000.


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  2. this New York Daily News article: Judge refuses to set bail for Queens woman accused of shooting boyfriend to death and burning his body .