Childhood Victim of Domestic Violence Rebounds and Educates Others On Moving Beyond Abuse

Child’s home was oppressive with domestic violence.

Child’s most vivid childhood memories are of huddling with her mother and sister.

When she was five, her mother fled, leaving her and her sister with the abuser.

The abuser redirected his focus on the girls.

The abuser mostly had custody of the girls.

But, eventually, they were able to have visitation – and some peace – with their mother.

There eventually came a happy ending for this family.

Child grew up to marry a non-abuser.

Her mother married again, a non-abuser.

Child became community education and prevention specialist at a “Y” Crisis Center.

She is bringing her family’s story to life to help “educate and motivate” others.

With a a multimedia presentation depicting her mother’s and her and her sister’s efforts to move beyond the abuse.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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