Collecting Child Support: No Child, No Problem

Iowa Woman and Man have brief relationship after “meeting” on the internet.
A couple of months after their last encounter, Woman notifies Man that she is pregnant.

Eventually, Woman provides Man with pictures of the Baby and even a copy of the Baby’s birth certificate. Just about everything Man could have asked for … oh, except a DNA paternity test proving he was the father of Baby.

Woman reportedly threatened to go after more child support money if Man forced her to go to family court to file a child support case against him to collect her child support.
So Man agreed to pay Woman the $1,000 per month she asked for.

All told, Man paid approximately $100,000 for six years.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

Well, it turns out that Woman was not pregnant as claimed and did not give birth to Man’s child. It was allegedly all an example of the proverbial con job.

A large backfire on Woman.

Now she has been indicted on a federal mail fraud charge carrying a possible penalty of twenty years’ imprisonment … and a fine of up to $250,000 – considerably more than she had collected from Man in child support.
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