College Student Obtains Stalking Restraining Order of Protection Against … Her Parents

Daughter is attending college in Ohio, roughly six hundred miles away from her Parents’ Kansas home.

Apparently not far enough.

Daughter contends that Parents are extremely controlling and “co-dependent”. Spying on her activities on her phone and computer; traveling and dropping in on her without warning; conferring with Daughter’s academic advisor; using a web cam to ensure that Daughter is at home at night; and alleging that Daughter is promiscuous, unstable and abusing drugs.

To get out from under their thumb, Daughter seeks an Ohio stalking restraining order of protection against Parents, based on their stalking-like behavior, rather than actual domestic violence.

And the presiding Ohio judge sides with Daughter and enters a stalking injunction order prohibiting Parents from coming near Daughter for roughly nine months.

Parents are shocked and angry – and withdraw their financial support of Daughter. Luckily for Daughter, her college steps in and puts Daughter on a scholarship.

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