Colorado Kids Placed in Child Protective Custody Because Parents Called Poison Control Center … Even Though Drug Test on Children was Negative

Colorado Husband and Wife have two young children.

Couple fear two year old Boy might have ingested some medication, after finding part of a pill on the floor.

Couple call a local Poison Control Center (Center), allegedly not for the first time. The Center recommends keeping an eye on the Boy and taking him to the hospital if he shows symptoms.

Center reportedly suspects child abuse or neglect.

Center contacts police.

Police arrive at the couple’s home and insist on taking Boy to the hospital.

A drug test shows that the Boy does not have any drugs in his system.

Then the local child welfare agency removes the couple’s two children anyway and places them into temporary protective custody.

The children are in foster care for five whole days before a hearing is held.

At the hearing, the children are placed into the temporary custody of their grandparents … pending the results of a second drug test on the Boy.

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