Convicted Bigamist Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $12,000 from Her Tenth Husband

Husband is in jail for contempt of a family court order.

Seventy-two year old Wife allegedly transfers approximately $12,000 from one of Husband’s individual bank accounts to a joint account using online banking.

Wife contends that she is entitled to the $12,000, because Husband owes her alimony and other monies.

But Wife has no legal right to access Husband’s individual account. Just the power, by virtue of knowing Husband’s social security number.

Wife is charged with embezzling the money from Husband.

Wife enters a guilty plea on the charge.

Husband is Wife’s tenth husband.

Wife was previously convicted of bigamy for marrying Husband while she was still married to another man.

The Virginia criminal court orders Wife to make restitution to the bank.

Wife is currently serving a sentence of five years’ incarceration, with four years suspended, on her bigamy conviction.

Wife is awaiting sentencing on the embezzlement charge.

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