Detroit Judge: Guilty of Criminal Non-Payment of Support! You are Hereby Sentenced to … Watch Daytime Television Talk Shows

In Detroit, felony non-payment of child support is truly at the noncustodial parent’s peril.

The punishment for criminal non-support includes … court-ordered television.


A Detroit criminal court judge requires monthly viewing of a daytime television talk show as a condition of probation for felony non-payment of support.

The show reportedly focuses on paternity-related disputes with some frequency, and paints the proverbial “deadbeat dads” unfavorably.

The judge also requires the convicted parent to review and discuss the program with their probation officer.

Since beginning this practice, the judge has been a guest on the television program.

And the show’s host is a fan of the judge.

Presumably, the court-ordered TV is not the only punishment meted out in this judge’s courtroom for criminal non-payment of child support.

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