Divorce Muslim-Style: Divorcee Runs Internet Radio Station Helping Oppressed Women Seeking Divorce Advice, Support and Lobbying

Divorce is reportedly greatly frowned upon under Muslim law. But it is technically permitted and does happen…

With tremendous difficulty. Particularly for women.

In most Islamic countries, it is said that a woman seeking divorce forfeits all marital property, plus the customary dowery paid for the marriage.

A woman living in Egypt states it took most of her three years of marriage to get out of the marriage. After she was divorced, her employer reportedly told her “it would be better if I did not move around where there were men in the office”.

As a result of her experiences, that woman became a divorce activist on behalf of women.

First, she published a blog advising how to obtain a divorce and offering support and interaction.

Then she founded Divorcees Radio, an internet radio station providing divorced women with information and lobbying for the interests of divorced women and women seeking divorces.

To overcome unhappy men’s charges of inciting rebellion by wives, the station also offers programming for divorced men and children of single parent homes.

The divorce rate in the Muslim world varies from roughly 24% to 35%.

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