Family Court Holds Wife Gets to Keep Lottery Winnings During Divorce

Dutch Husband and Wife are married for 30 years.

Husband leaves the marital home to cohabit with his girlfriend, and Husband and Wife disentangle their finances.

A year or two later, Husband files for divorce, in October of 2014. Divorce goes to final judgment in June of 2015.

On New Year’s Day of 2015, Wife wins the lottery … a US $2.3 million pot.

Lo and behold, Husband seeks a cut.

Unfortunately for Husband, the Dutch family court denies his claim. The couple’s finances were long since separated when Wife paid for her lottery ticket with her own separate funds from her own separate account.

The ultimate ruling here would be exactly the same under Florida law. If the spouses don’t own it by the date of filing, it will be separate nonmarital property.

Read more in this Reuters – Amsterdam article: Woman who won lottery during divorce can keep it all – Dutch court .