Family Court Judge in Child Custody Dispute Orders That Young Prodigy With Career Potential and Shot at Full Tuition College Scholarship Cannot Play Competitively or Train Professionally For a Year

Ten year old Girl is by all accounts one heck of a golfer, with a bright professional future and a great shot at a full scholarship for college.

At least, until a Virginia family court judge ruled that Girl cannot compete professionally for the next year.

And cannot play for more than five hours per week for the next year.

And cannot receive coaching by a pro for the next year.

Why is some judge running Girl’s life for her?

Because this ten year old’s parents are embroiled in a custody battle over her. For the past seven of her ten years.

Girl’s Father introduced her to the game. And plays the sport with her. And is her main coach.

But Girl’s Mother has sole legal and physical custody of Girl.

And Father has been ordered to take anger management classes.

But Father isn’t the only one angry over the judge’s ruling.

The entire golf community seems positively outraged.

Of course, what nobody knows, other than Mother and Father and the family court judge, are the factors that went into the judge’s ruling.

One reported consequence of the ruling is that Father has less timesharing with Girl.

The bottom line is that whether someone else would agree or disagree with the judge’s reasoning, it is almost certain that the ruling was not arbitrary.