Father Arrested for Murder and Child Abuse Two Years After His Toddler Son Dies

Two year old Son had developmental delays and a deformity of his head.

Allegedly because Father shook him – twice – when he was just two months old.

For that, Father was sentenced to four years of probation … after pleading guilty to felony child abuse.

And given custody of Son in 2007.

Father’s household generated five new allegations of child abuse or neglect in 2007.

And still Father had custody of Son.

Father took Son to doctor to check a shunt placed in Son’s head after he was shaken.

Son didn’t cooperate and his appointment was rescheduled.

Father apparently wasn’t happy. A nurse reported sounds like a spanking.

That night, Father’s wife heard Son screaming.

Son died of blunt force trauma to the head shortly afterward.

Now, Father has been arrested in Son’s death and charged with second degree murder, child abuse and probation violation.

Two babies have been removed from Father’s home since last year.

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