Father Confesses to Murdering His Children After Maryland Court Awards Unsupervised Visitation Despite Psychiatric Diagnoses and Threats

Maryland Husband is charged with murdering his three children, ranging in ages from 2 to 6.

For five months, Husband, who confessed to the murders, has tried to change his defense counsel’s plea to guilty, and now has requested to represent himself.

Before the court rules on his request to represent himself, a competency evaluation will be performed. A psychiatric evaluation for purposes of an insanity plea was never completed.

But a different psychiatric evaluation was completed for purposes of Husband’s divorce and child custody case.

The psychological expert in family court diagnosed Husband with “mood and narcissistic personality disorders and borderline and histrionic personality traits.” All very serious and difficult to treat diagnoses.

The Husband allegedly had made threats to murder his children – because Wife had reported them to the police.

Nonetheless, the Maryland family court had awarded Husband unsupervised visitation.

And, had the Wife not complied with the Court’s visitation order, she might have been held in contempt. Or the court might even have found her guilty of trying to alienate the children from the Husband – and transferred primary residential custody to the Husband as her punishment.

But the Wife complied with the Court’s order. And now the children are dead. And the Husband admits that he is responsible.

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