Father Imprisoned for Attempted Murder of Mother Seeks Timesharing and Reduction in Child Support Six Years Later

Wisconsin Mother and Father are divorced for six years.

They have two children together.

Father is seeking a reduction in child support.

He is also seeking timesharing and visitation with his children, something he has neither had nor sought for six years.

The children have a guardian ad litem charged with looking out for them.

The children have trust funds for their benefit.

The funds were seized from Father, in satisfaction of a civil judgment in Mother’s favor.

Father was convicted of beating her nearly to death and then leaving her for dead.

Father is in prison for the attempted murder of Mother.

Father proposes that his parents bring the children to visit him there.

Father complains that he has no income in prison with which to pay child support.

But the seized monies are being applied to that purpose.

The state of Wisconsin advises the family court that it will prosecute additional charges of harassment against Father for pursuing timesharing and the reduction of his child support.

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