Five Rules of Divorce from the Heartland

Five rules of divorce from North Dakota:

  1. Cheating doesn’t matter. In the no-fault divorce world, that’s generally true. (Although this may vary from state to state.) Unless marital assets are squandered on the affair, anyway.

  2. You can’t hide your assets. Well, strictly speaking, that may not be true. But it’s certainly risky business and inadvisable.

  3. It’s never over. All too often, that does prove to be true … over and over and over again.

  4. Get a prenup. Never a bad idea.

  5. You’re not alone. Well, actually, this depends. Some spouses really are. They may not have to be, if they avail themselves of all available community resources. But some are. And some would be better off if they were, or at least had a smaller support team. It really is possible to have too much help, too much input, especially when it tugs you in too many different directions.

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