FL: Child Abuse Peaks into January

Child abuse occurs most frequently during November, December and January, according to the University of Miami Child Protection Team, which sees 1,500 cases per year.

Recent horrific incidents include a woman allegedly stabbing her autistic nephew in the eyes and a mother allegedly beating her one year old baby to the extent of twelve broken bones.

The stresses of the holidays are the reason, the final straw – and they actually continue after the last of the Christmas decorations and the confetti are gone.

But the underlying problems were likely in the making for quite some time.

People under stress tend to take it out on those who are most vulnerable … children, the disabled and also the dependent elderly. The stresses of caregiving likely contribute to such incidents.

The number of child abuse cases rises from year to year.

But resources are available to help.

January is just beginning.

Note that the Florida child abuse hotline is 1-800-96-ABUSE.

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