Florida Youngster Killed Despite Numerous Reports of Abuse

The Florida Department of Children and Families receives about 1,000 reports of abuse per month in Lee County that must be investigated.

Investigations must begin within twenty-four hours, three if a child is believed to be in imminent danger.

An investigation takes at least 4 hours of interviews with the child, the person reporting the abuse, family members, neighbors, teachers, etc.

Investigators typically investigate two reports per day.

Background checks of every adult in the home are par for the course.

Investigators are college-educated and receive ten weeks of training plus substantial oversight and mentoring.

And still children die of abuse or neglect.

One six year old child recently died – after three separate reports of abuse, including one from his school.

DCF investigated but concluded that the child was not at risk and, later, at low risk.

That child was later killed by his stepfather, who now faces criminal charges.

Too little, too late.

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