FL’s Marchman Act: Technically Not a Family Law Proceeding But …

Florida’s Marchman Act. A statutory scheme to compel an assessment for substance abuse and, if warranted, treatment.

It doesn’t sound as though it has anything to do with divorce or family law. But, unfortunately, surprisingly often, it does.

A previously happy marriage strained by one spouse’s substance abuse.

A parent-child relationship upended by the parent’s substance abuse.

A child endangered by their timesharing parent’s substance abuse.

Even before something horrendous happens, desperate family members may seek help under the Marchman Act.

Often, family relief under the Marchman Act is too little or too late – or both. Those are the cases that culminate in divorces and proceedings to modify custody and/or visitation.

But sometimes, every so often, the Marchman Act really can offer a life line to a family member who has gotten in way over their head – and knows it, but needs a special kind of help to climb out.

And so save the substance abuser. And their marriage. And their family.

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