For Your Next Appeal, Consult a … Musician

A Wisconsin Father recently won an appeal to the state’s intermediate level appellate court. His victory saved him from having to pay out nearly $4,000 in legal fees.

The case is somewhat noteworthy because the Father represented himself, without an attorney.

The case is much more noteworthy because the musician-Father composed his legal brief all in rap lyrics.

The ruling appellate court made no mention of that fact, but the Father is convinced that this form of expression played a significant role in his prevailing.

The Father had filed a federal court case against county officials who had recommended that his timesharing with his children be less than his former wife’s. This type of matter is not appropriate for a federal court.

Ironically, the Father may now seek costs from the party who sought but was ultimately denied fees from him.

While the case is probably not likely to set a new standard in legal drafting using rap anytime in the near future ….

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