Forthcoming Software Promises to Raise Substantial Contempt Revenues for Courts and to Cure Most Problems Experienced by Separating Families and Family Courts

An ex-cop is publicizing her anticipated forthcoming release of software she dubs Custody Calculations.

It is hyped as a cure for virtually everything that ails separating families and family courts nationwide.

In that respect, it sounds naive and simplistic but, of course, everyone will have to reserve judgment until the software actually materializes. Its debut appears to be running late.

More realistic is the software’s core promise of helping the courts to calculate and collect fines for contempt of family court orders and generate standardized orders on demand.

Custody Calculations contemplates tacking onto each contempt order an extra fine which would be paid to the court system for the court system, possibly to the magnitude of $50 million per state per year.

Sounds good, but that would have to be properly authorized …

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