Little Girl in Foster Care After Custody Battle Followed By Custodial Parent’s Murder

Mom and Dad in child custody battle.

Mom’s sisters get access to a senator at a political fundraiser and question her about Mom’s options.

“Who would get custody if something were to happen to Dad and he couldn’t care for the little girl?

“What would happen if Mom were to ‘disappear’ with the child?”

A few days later, Dad is awarded full custody of the little girl.

A week later, Dad is shot and killed in front of the little girl, at a playground before a scheduled exchange of the child.

Senator comes forward and tells what she knows to authorities.

All eyes are on Mom, although she has not officially been named as a suspect.

Mom volunteers that Dad had physically abused her.

Oh, the child?

She was placed with her father’s parents.

Then Mom alleged that they were sexually abusing her.

So now the little girl is in foster care.

Mom is allowed supervised visitation with her twice a week.

The child also meets with a counselor once a week.

Because Mom and Dad each loved her so much and each wanted custody of her …

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