Foster Parents are Great, But Let’s Face It, Grandparents are Even Better

Grandparents raising their grandchildren continues to expand. Almost three million grandparents are now caring for their grandkids. Seven percent more than in 2009.

And they usually don’t get much help, of any kind. Twenty percent of them live on incomes below the poverty line.

Why their grandchildren depend on them varies, but the most common causes are drug addiction, mental health issues, military service and incarceration.

Studies show that children do better with grandparents than strangers, and it saves the taxpayers money.

But many of the grandparents are really struggling and on their own. Most have no support services. Fixed incomes. A quarter are disabled.

Some states provide some financial support and other support services, but many do not. Some federal legislators are working toward creating a program for federal reimbursement of services delivered locally, such as prevention of drug addiction.

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