GA Judge Raises Amount of Child Support After Husband Laid Off in Employer Downsizing

Georgia couple split up.

Older Son goes to live with Husband. Younger Daughter goes to live with Wife.

Couple agrees on child support amount of about $275 per month. Husband pays.

Husband loses job of twelve years when employer downsizes.

Husband vigorously seeks new job. Husband has difficulty finding new job.

Husband struggles to pay agreed support on unemployment compensation.

At a hearing on child support, court establishes support amount at about $660 – based on Husband’s previous salary.

(In Florida, that’s called imputing income to Husband. Income is imputed to the spouse required to pay when that spouse voluntarily becomes unemployed or underemployed.)

The Georgia Child Support Office reports that a Georgia judge can order any amount of support that he or she wants.

Husband has sold most of his furniture and appliances. He hopes he can stay out of jail.

Forty-two percent of parents required to pay child support are delinquent in their payments.

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