Husband Charged With Beheading Wife Will Try to Prove At Trial That He Was The Battered Spouse

About to stand trial for beheading his wife, Husband wins permission to try to show that he was a victim of domestic abuse by Wife.

Husband reportedly has a forensic psychiatrist and a psychologist prepared to testify that he suffers from “battered spouse syndrome”.

And e-mails that supposedly corroborate his claim.

Husband maintains that Wife threatened to kill him, regularly kicked and struck him, threatened to set fire to their house, and threatened to abscond to Pakistan with the couple’s children.

On the other hand, the prosecution intends to offer proof that Wife was a victim of domestic violence by Husband.

Wife had reportedly called the police on Husband numerous times over the years, but never pressed charges. Their divorce was pending at the time of her murder two years ago.

The criminal case has been dragging for two years due to Husband’s changes of attorneys and other experts in the case and, now, changes in defense legal strategy and newly disclosed evidence.

Before his arrest, Husband ran a cable TV station with programming catering to a Muslim audience.

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