Husband Outrages Adult Child By Asserting Claims Regarding Child’s Earnings and College Scholarship in Divorce

Mississippi Husband and Wife have a Child who recently graduated from high school.

Child now works, either full-time, perhaps on a summer job, or part-time.

Husband is a dentist.

Husband allegedly takes all money received from relatives for Child over the years, for birthdays, graduations and the like.

Couple files for divorce.

In the divorce, Husband subpoenas Child’s employment records regarding her salary information.

Husband and Wife are paying for Child’s college education. Child earns a $1,000 scholarship – and Husband demands “his share” of same.

Child objects.

Child is shocked and appalled by Husband’s attitude.

Demonstrating Child’s inexperience with divorce.

Having said that, divorce is governed by state law and may vary from state to state.

Where the parents have an obligation to support a child in Florida, the child’s independent income, be it salary or a scholarship, is a legitimate consideration in determining child support awards under Florida child support law.

But, in Florida, child support obligations end when a Child turns eighteen and has completed high school.

As many people discover when they first become involved with the legal system, the law is often totally unrelated to what many may consider “right” or “moral”.

And all that matters in family court (or any court) is the law.

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