Illinois Man Faces Multiple Charges for Alleged Sexual Assault on Mentally Handicapped Young Woman and Violation of Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Mentally disabled young Woman lives with her Mother.

Twenty year old Man pursues “relationship” with Woman.

Mother seeks and obtains an order of protection against Man for benefit of Woman.

That reportedly does not stop Man.

After being served with the domestic violence restraining order, Man allegedly lures Woman to his parents’ home and sexually assaults her.

He also reportedly takes her cell phone and threatens to hurt her if she notifies authorities of the assault.

Woman’s injuries from assault require medical treatment at hospital.

Man is charged with aggravated criminal sexual assaut, criminal sexual assault, intimidation, unlawful interference with the reporting of domestic violence and unlawful violation of an order of protection.

Man reportedly has a history of exposing himself in public and inappropriate conduct toward another mentally challenged young woman.

Man is confined pending posting of a $2 million bond. Should he be released, he will be required to wear an ankle bracelet to enforce restriction to his residence.

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