I’m Janet Langjahr, Divorce Lawyer, and I’m A … Lawholic

Like most attorneys. Actually, probably a bit less so than many other divorce and child custody attorneys, at least I like to think so.

Please forgive us. It’s not entirely our fault.

Remember, we spend years cloistered away in law libraries for long hours, totally immersed in the study of law.

Then we are permanently cloistered away for long hours in law offices and courthouses, totally immersed in the practice of law.

It can be easier than you might imagine for many of us to actually lose sight of the harsh nitty-gritty realities that regular people with divorce, child custody and domestic violence problems face day in and day out.

And there’s no Lawyers Anonymous Twelve Step program to help us break our near-addiction to spouting what we call black letter rules of law, legal precedents, and client do’s and don’ts handed down to us decades ago, from our law professors and mentors.

Yet as 2016 dawns, the world, civilization, and the legal system itself, if not the actual laws, are all changing at the speed of light – or the speed of the internet.

No longer should any of us just take it for granted that the way “it” has always / for a really long time been done is automatically the way “it” should be done now.

Almost everything else has changed.

Maybe there is new and better – or just plain different – way of this or that, that is better suited to these complex modern times and situations.

That possibility should never be overlooked by us. Or by you.

Source: Janet Langjahr, Divorce, Child Custody and Domestic Violence Attorney