Parenting Responsibility Made Complicated

Dad is murdered. Mother is convicted of the crime and sentenced to jail.

Mother’s sister and brother in law are appointed guardians of seven year old child.

Legal custody is shared by guardians and Dad’s parents, who live in another state.

Court orders guardians not to take child to visit Mother in jail.

Guardians later move for permission to do so.

Grandparents move to block visitation with mother.

Guardians move to change child’s last name to their own name, which is not Mother’s name or Father’s name.

Grandparents move to block name change as well.

This case takes shared parental responsibility to a whole new level, making consulting with the child’s other parent seem like a piece of cake by comparison.

Read more about this exotic co-parenting scheme in this [Raleigh, North Carolina] WRAL-TV 5 article: Kontz’s Family Seeks to Reinstate Visitation Rights.