Japan’s Chauvinistic Husbands Stave Off Divorce By Learning to Express Themselves

Divorces among retirement age baby boomers in Japan is growing more commonplace.

Japanese wives have apparently tired of cultural inhibitions that restrain husbands from expressing the sentiments “sorry”, “thank you” and, especially, “I love you”.

The threat of divorce has inspired a lot of nonetheless happily married Japanese men to try to overcome their inhibitions to save their marriage.

Several thousand of them have sought mutual support and encouragement on the path to self-improvement through the Chauvinistic Husbands Association.

Every member of the association has thus far been able to keep his marriage intact.

So perhaps they’ve got something there.

Now, we can only wait and see whether branches of the Chauvinistic Husbands Association will pop up elsewhere around the globe in the future.

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