MA High Court to Decide Whether Annulment May Be Granted After Death of A Party

The family of a wealthy elderly man who married a much younger woman, a previously convicted prostitute, wants to see through to its end the annulment begun while the husband was alive, despite his death.

Whether the law would permit a posthumous annulment is a question that has never been ruled on in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, the deceased man’s surviving wife is fighting to dismiss the annulment case.

The man owned a million dollar home, the fate of which rides on the outcome of the annulment case.

Following an interesting procedure, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has indicated that it will take the case up on appeal after the trial court rules on the wife’s motion to dismiss, regardless of how the lower court rules.

The dead man’s family believes that the wife married him for his money – and planned to kill him to get it.

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