Maltese Wife Granted Divorce from “Bigamist” Husband After Mandatory Four Year Waiting Period

Husband and Wife married in 2002. The marriage was on the rocks by 2007.

If not sooner. Because Husband was allegedly cheating on Wife just two months after their wedding.

And not just a casual liaison either. Husband actually married another woman, in Libya.

In the US, we call that bigamy. But, of course, it is perfectly legal and acceptable in some countries and religions.

On top of that, Husband eventually had four children with his other wife.

Despite Husband’s and Wife’s lengthy estrangement, Husband dragged his heels on giving Wife a legal separation, as she requested.

Now, following the legally-required four year waiting period, Wife files for divorce on her own.

She seeks nothing from Husband, despite having four children of her own from a previous relationship.

In an interesting ruling by US standards, the presiding family court magistrate reserves to Wife the right to seek spousal support at a later time if necessary, without making any award of alimony at the time of the divorce.

The family court apparently does this on its own initiative, out of consideration for a medical condition which interferes with Wife obtaining employment.

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