Man Convicted of Strangling His Ex Girlfriend in Front of Their Baby Boy … Before Completing Probation for His Previous Assault On Her

A 22 year old Minnesota man has been convicted of strangling his 19 year old ex-girlfriend … in front of their 2 year old son.

For his murder weapon, the man constructed a noose from shoelaces – and allegedly killed her because the young woman was a half an hour late picking him up for a shopping excursion.

After she was dead, he set fire to her body in her car.

At the time of the murder, the man was in the process of finishing out his probation for a previous assault on the young woman.

Under the terms of his probation, he was required to attend anger management … and avoid contact with the young woman.

It is unclear whether he attended the anger management …

The man now faces multiple life sentences.

The couple’s baby boy is now staying with his mother’s mother and her husband. The boy’s maternal grandparents are pursuing custody of the child and hope to adopt him.

The poor toddler sees a psychologist for night terrors.

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