Man Takes Up His Mother’s Lawsuit for Damages … Resulting From His Birth

Indian Mother enrolls in Indian government program to sterilize women, with the intention of combating overpopulation.

Nonetheless, Mother later becomes pregnant with and, ultimately, gives birth to Son.

While Son is still a toddler, Mother sues the Indian government for damages (that is, the costs of raising Son) resulting from alleged negligence in the administration of the government’s sterilization program.

Years later, Mother even wins her case at trial – and his awarded roughly US $400.

The government appeals, however, and eventually wins. Mother has died by this time though, so Son is ordered to repay the damages previously paid to Mother.

At which point Son finds himself in what must be a somewhat uncomfortable position: pressing in a higher level appellate court an appeal for damages caused by his birth.

That court upholds the denial of Mother’s and Son’s claim of negligence, however. After all, no form of birth control is 100% foolproof.

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