Medical Missionary, Reknowned Children’s Heart Surgeon … And Alleged Domestic Abuser

Domestic violence doesn’t just occur in the lower socioeconomic strata. Domestic violence can find its way into the most affluent and prominent homes.

Take a well-respected children’s heart surgeon (Doctor).

After he strikes his daughter inappropriately, the Doctor is arrested on charges of domestic battery, and a domestic violence restraining order is entered against him.

Doctor has to leave his home in a fine neighborhood.

Wife files for divorce.

Doctor is distraught.

And returns to his home.

And shoots his Wife in the face.

And then shoots himself, fatally.

Two of their children are in their home at the time of the incident.

Wife is expected to recover fully.

Read more in this Chicago Tribune news article: Cops: Doctor shot estranged wife, then killed himself and this Elmhurst [Chicago] Press article: Many mourn surgeon at funeral.