Mother’s Parental Rights At Risk of Termination for Abusing and Abandoning Adopted Child

A Michigan mother, hearing of Nebraska’s liberally drafted “safe haven law”, allegedly traveled there to abandon her 13 year old adopted son, with impunity.

The mother reportedly abused the boy the entire time the couple had custody of him. Both parents defended that they never wanted the boy, but had to take him in order to adopt another child that they did want.

The adoptive parents tried to return the boy to his biological parents and to previous foster parents on several occasions.

The County is pursuing terminating the adoptive parents’ parental rights to all of their children.

The adoptive parents’ other children, both adopted and biological, have temporarily been placed in child protective custody as well.

The County previously brought a similar termination of parental rights petition, based on child neglect, against the couple, but they dropped it.

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