Multiple Deployments to Iraq Challenge Military Marriages and Kids

The war in Iraq has been putting a strain on soldiers’ marriages.

Over fifteen percent of all soldiers in Iraq plan to divorce their spouses. The rates are dramatically higher among those on subsequent deployments, in proportion to their number of deployments and the length of their tours of duty.

Impending departures, deployment after deployment. Rushed visits home squeezed in between them.

Widespread post traumatic stress disorder. One soldier confesses that his wife and family have told him that he is “not as loving” since his return from the Iraq war.

Domestic violence in the military appears to be up – and incorporates techniques learned in military training. Incidents mar visits home and departures back to war, some escalating to killings.

The military sponsors various support groups and classes. But it just isn’t enough to meet the need.

Even children of deployed soldiers are at ever-increasing risk of abuse or neglect with each successive deployment of a parent.

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