NH Woman Attacks Man and Police Unit With Hands, Knife, Glass … and Teeth, in Domestic Violence Incident

New Hampshire Girlfriend and Boyfriend are at home, apparently having a disagreement about something.

Girlfriend allegedly pursues Boyfriend around the kitchen, brandishing a knife.

Boyfriend calls the police for assistance.

Police arrive.

Girlfriend allegedly pushes and strikes one or more police officers with her hand and with glass.

Girlfriend allegedly bites a police officer on the arm.

Police make to arrest Girlfriend.

At which point Boyfriend reportedly changes sides and seeks to protect Girlfriend. (Not unusual in domestic violence incidents.)

Boyfriend is arrested on charges of resisting arrest.

Girlfriend is arrested on multiple counts, including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Boyfriend is not confined.

Girlfriend is out on bail.

A no-contact order, a criminal law variant of an order of protection, is entered to protect Boyfriend from Girlfriend.

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