Parental Abduction on the Rise in Australia … Next?

2010 brings a sharp escalation in parental abduction of children in Australia.

Alarmed, law enforcement is putting the word out that parental abduction carries a sentence of one year’s imprisonment.

Authorities are also resorting to publishing in Australian newspapers photographs of children abducted by a parent. Generally, this is confidential and not permitted under Australian law.

These children are believed to be on the run with their abducting parent, missing school and regular activities.

Children currently missing are as young as two years old.

Australian authorities are taking this disregard of the law seriously and making these cases top priority.

Experts advise that parental kidnappings are traumatic and damaging for children, especially those between the ages of five and fourteen.

In Australia, approximately two and one-half million people are denied access to family in the courts, and approximately seven hundred thousand children have no relationship to speak of with one of their parents.

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