Parental Alienation: Organizations and Resources

Parental Alienation. Syndrome. Or not.

Whether one accepts it as a legitimate diagnosis of a psychological condition or not, there can be little doubt that the term describes a pattern of behavior that some parents actively engage in.

Willfully or unwittingly.

To their children’s detriment.

Numerous organizations rally against it, including:

  1. A Family’s Heartbreak
  2. Hostile Aggressive Parenting
  3. Hugs to Heartbreak
  4. Keeping Families Connected
  5. Overcoming Parental Alienation
  6. Parental Alienation Awareness Organization
  7. Parental Alienation Awareness Organization – US
  8. Parental Alienation Canada
  9. Parental Alienation Hurts
  10. Solutions 4 PAS
  11. Split n Two
  12. Stop Parental Alienation
  13. The Rachel Foundation for Family Reintegration

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