Parenting Class Developed By Attorney-Educational Psychologist Claimed to Enhance Co-Parenting Skills More Than Mandatory Divorce Parenting Classes

Georgia has a mandatory parenting class for divorcing parents. Just as Florida does.

Still, despite the mandatory class, many divorcing and divorced parents find it difficult to co-parent together and to stay focused on their children, instead of each other.

An attorney who is also an educational psychologist has collaborated with a psychologist to create a new educational program called Co-Parenting Resolutions.

This program can be substituted for Georgia’s mandatory parenting class. In fact, some Georgia judges encourage the substitution.

The course developers claim that their course actually “shows parents how to get along for the sake of the children in matters of custody”. And the creators of the program favor parents taking the class together.

The entire program is eight hours, but only three hours are live and in-person. The rest are recorded on DVD.

One thing is certain: high conflict parents who can’t co-parent will almost certainly make their way back to court … over and over and over again, in many instances.

As described, this program is not suitable for cases where there is a history of domestic violence.

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