Permanent Alimony … On the Defensive, in Florida and Elsewhere

Permanent alimony in Florida – and elsewhere – is getting old.

So think a lot of people and so say a growing number of legislators.

The recession, with so many layoffs, is just the straw that broke the paying spouse’s back.

Many simply can’t afford to pay anymore.

They are seeking relief from the courts in increasing numbers.

And many others simply don’t want to pay anymore … and just don’t think they should have to, forever.

Massachusetts is currently tweaking a bill implicitly shortening the length of time for alimony.

And legislators in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Oklahoma are pressing to limit the length of alimony obligations and end alimony if the receiving spouse lives with another romantic interest or commits a crime.

Lobbyists in several other states, including Florida, are agitating for similar legal changes.

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