Police Officer Charged With Thirty Counts of Stalking a Woman He Dated On and Off Over Several Years

Indiana Boyfriend and Girlfriend have on-again, off-again dating relationship over several years. Last year, however, something changes, at least with Boyfriend.

While in a club, Boyfriend becomes angry with Girlfriend – and “choke holds” her and grips her arm hard enough to bruise it.

Undeterred by her consistent rejection, Boyfriend persistently calls Girlfriend, leaves her phone messages, sends her text messages, loiters outside her office, sends flowers and presents to her workplace, draws a gun in her own home, presents her with an engagement ring – more than once. For over a year.

Adding insult to injury, Boyfriend is a police officer.

Girlfriend finally obtains a dating violence (or repeat violence) restraining order of protection against Boyfriend.

Boyfriend ignores it. For several months.

Finally, after calling Girlfriend nine more times over two hours, Boyfriend overdoses on pills. He survives though.

And calls Girlfriend and chastizes her for not visiting him while he was in the hospital.

And for seeking the restraining order of protection against him.

And still the calls keep coming.

Law enforcement officers eventually arrest Boyfriend. On thirty counts of stalking, battery and invasion of privacy.

Boyfriend is on administrative leve from his police officer job pending the outcome of the criminal cases against him.

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