Predicting Divorce Probability By Profession

A study conducted by Virginia’s Radford University correlates divorce risk more highly with certain professions than the general population.

Specifically, the study reports that the occupations facing the greatest risk of divorce are:

  • performers
  • athletes
  • massage therapists
  • telemarketers
  • waiters
  • baggage porters and
  • roofers.

Who knew?

Somewhat less scholarly in approach, a poll of a so-called “infidelity” website’s seven million members suggests that the male professionals most likely to cheat on their spouses are:

  • physicians
  • police officers
  • lawyers
  • real estate agents and
  • engineers.

The poll also suggests that the occupations of women most likely to cheat on their spouses are:

  • teachers
  • stay-at-home moms
  • nurses
  • administrative assistants and
  • real estate agents.

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