Prenuptial Agreements Deserve the Serious Consideration of Every Engaged Couple

Romantic or not, the reality of the divorce rate makes it irresponsible not to at least consider and discuss a prenuptial agreement (prenup), or antenuptial agreement, with your fiance.

The ensuing dialogue will undoubtedly be highly educational on many levels. Which may actually strengthen your relationship. Or at least ensure that you enter the marriage with your eyes wide open.

Having a prenuptial agreement vastly improves the odds that each spouse ends up with what they expected in the event of a divorce … or the death of the other spouse. (Yes, a prenup may come into play in that scenario also.)

A prenuptial agreement can also save a great deal of money – and animosity – litigating a contentious divorce.

Another benefit of a prenup is that the conversation and decisions made in a prenuptial agreement may exert sound influence over various lifestyle decisions during the marriage. For example, whether to start that business after all or whether to drop out of the work force to raise the kids.

Once you’ve made the joint decision that you want a prenup before your wedding, don’t delay.

Not executing the prenuptial agreement until the last minute only subjects the antenuptial agreement to greater risk of being set aside. Defeating the entire purpose of bothering to have a prenuptial agreement.

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