Private Investigators: Penchant for Proving Fault Persists in the No Fault Divorce Universe

Despite the prevalence of “no fault” divorce, to the extent that fault approaches near-irrelevance, many spouses all but obsess over their partner’s real – or imagined – misdeeds.

Although it serves no real purpose, they just yearn to “get the goods” on the offending, or only possibly offending, spouse.

And this phenomenon is not limited to the US.

In the UK, it is reported that private investigators are all the rage in many divorces. Not just high profile ones either.

Unfortunately, in some cases, private investigators stray into illegal surveillance tactics – and succeed only in getting the hiring spouse in trouble with the law…

Causing the originally innocent spouse’s plan to backfire – with a vengeance.

And transform the “offending spouse” into the “injured party”.

Not worth it.

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